How to Plan Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

Integrated Digital Marketing, SEO Planning for 2020

You know the feeling.

Your marketing strategy stinks (or it doesn’t exist). You know it, but how do you fix it?

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

In 2020, your marketing strategy has to be integrated online if it’s going to be successful. That’s true for all but a few businesses.

You might say, “I’ve been doing postcards for 10 years, and it’s working just fine for me. I don’t need all this online mumbo jumbo!”, and you’d be partially right.

But what you may not see is that if this is true, it’s a near certainty that you’re leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of other marketing outlets that would respond to the same messaging.

Consumer habits are far too “omnichannel” in 2020 to ignore ANY single tactic.

 Do You Measure with Google Analytics?

If you’re like most small business owners I talk to, you don’t measure your online marketing data.

You have a Google Analytics account, but you haven’t signed into it since you got your first iPhone, and you’ve only peeked through the crack of your door at Facebook advertising like a kid trying to find out if it’s a monster under the bed or not.

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of everyday details, but your marketing strategy suffers. Planning helps, but where do you start? Great question!

Where Should You Start in Planning Your Online Marketing Strategy?

If you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

Most small business owners in Austin are just as busy as you, and while you might like to do deeper and more effective planning, where do you start?

Since everything in the digital marketing world seems to change every 5 years, how do you even know what questions to ask, let alone what answers to trust?

That’s why I wrote this post. I hope that by reading through these questions, it will get you started on the road to understanding what pieces you need in your own Integrated Digital Marketing campaign for 2020.

Let’s Start With SEO

SEO Plan

  • Do your SEO Tactics Sell?
  • Is your Keyword Research Fresh?
  • Do your Title Tags Lead to Clicks?
  • Is Your Meta Description Selling?
  • Did you forget Yahoo and Bing?

Content Marketing Plan

  • How are You Talking To Your Ideal Client?
  • Are You Making the Best Use of your Testimonials?
  • Are you Creating “Best Of” Lists and Roundup Posts?
  • Are you Publishing “Tips and Tricks” Content?
  • How Many Lead Magnets Do You Have On Your Site?
  • What is your Email Marketing Plan? Metrics? YOY?

Social Media Plan

  • Do you Have Specific Plans for Each Social Media Marketing Channel?
  • What is Your Facebook Marketing Plan?
  • What is your Facebook Ad Strategy? YOY? Metrics?
  • Do You Have Landing Pages for Each Offering?
  • Are you Running Special Offers?

Sales Process Improvement, Austin Sales ConsultantSales Plan

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and you should always check with experts before finalizing plans in any area in which you’re not an expert. This list will help you, but is not a “one-shot cure-all”.

I hope it’s helpful. If you have questions, or you just want to yell at me for not including your favorite marketing outlet, just leave a comment below.

Happy Marketing!

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