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Content Marketing Tip #407: NEVER use Italics in Branding or Value Propositions

OK, ok, you can use it in your Content Marketing, but only if you don't care if your value propositions convert. Think about that for a second: italics don't convert, so don't use them. Want proof? Goody! Cause I have some... Want to see how YOUR site scores for SEO? It's easy! Just enter your [...]

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21 Questions to Plan Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

How to Plan Your Marketing Strategy for 2020 You know the feeling. Your marketing strategy stinks (or it doesn't exist). You know it, but how do you fix it? Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020, your marketing strategy has to be integrated online if it's going to be successful. That's true for all but [...]

7 Ways To Improve Your Sales Process TODAY [Updated for 2020]

Why Ignore Efforts to Improve Your Sales Process? You like money, right? Is it a good idea to burn it? Obviously not. So why do so many small business owners do it? Yes, I'm saying it: Not doing the work to improve your sales process is the same as burning money. If sales is the [...]

The Big Mac and the Art of Branding and Positioning

What's so great about the Big Mac? Branding and  Positioning, that's about all Let's be real: There's nothing to the Big Mac. It's an over-hyped bit of nonsense, really. "Big"? It's tall, because it has an extra piece of bread in it, and also because they split the "meat" into two pieces. In fact, it [...]