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Your Content Marketing is about One Thing: Your Customers!

Picture your ideal client in Dallas. Let’s call her Sarah. Right now, Sarah is reading your Content Marketing copy: You spent weeks crafting a strategy for your advertising, paid a good copywriter to help you write it out, paid to put it out, and then what? What happens when Sarah reads your sales content? I’ll explain more in a minute, but first let me ask you a couple of questions.

How many times has a potential client come up and asked a question about your advertising or content marketing copy that had nothing to do with the ad?

Did you know that the biggest problem that small businesses have in marketing is defining and controlling their “message”?

People read what they want in print. You may not realize this, but when you read something, all the definitions of what you read come from you. Your customers are the same; when they read your advertising or marketing copy, you are at the mercy of what they “know” about your product. Your message gets “re-defined” through the lens of their own ideas and thoughts.

How can you keep your Dallas Content Marketing message from getting distorted?

At Frontburner Marketing, we’re experts at building or shaping content that speaks your products and services in a language that your customers understand and process as a solution to their problems.  Remember, the moments that you have a prospect visiting your site are golden. You can’t afford to allow their experience to be defined by the wrong words.

We  offer Content Analysis Sessions where we’ll assess your content, build a list of improvements, then go over them with you and offer effective techniques that will drive more sales for you and your team.

If you’d like deeper involvement, we’ll edit your content and give you tools in the process that you can use to craft your message in the future.  We also have complete content production services available, pricing given on a per project basis.thumb

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