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Conversion in Content Marketing

A Conversion Edit is an On-Page Edit of the content on a particular page of your website.

The purpose of the Conversion Edit is to focus on the conversion in content marketing that you are emphasizing.

  • Where is this page in your Sales Process?
  • Is this a Sale Page, meaning that you expect to get a sale from this page directly? 
  • What exact action do you expect from this page? 
  • How are you measuring that? 
  • What aggregate data goals do you have (x clicks per mo…etc…)

This list of questions is just a starting point, not intended to be exhaustive.

The ultimate goal is to modify, add, or subtract elements in your landing page to be more engaging to your prospects and visitors.

Conversion plays a key role in the sales process, for it causes readers to “move along” from one concept to another, thus “converting”. Remember, there are several conversion points along the way to every sale; every conversion is a sale in itself on some level.

Each page of your website needs to serve one element or step in the Sales Process. The Conversion Edit is created to help you do just that.

Here is our process:

First, we analyze where the page belongs in the Sales Process.

Second, we do “Gap Analysis” to determine what it will take to get this page to the point it needs to be.

Third, we execute the edit in draft form, then deliver it to you for final approval.

Fourth, and lastly, we install the edit.

The third step is very critical, because many business owners will push back on this step, and want to do “re-edits” based on different concerns.

Mainly, it’s a problem with change or separation with current habits. It gets a little easier if you consider it from this angle:

What you’ve been doing got you to the point that you contacted us. Let us do what we do to get you where you want to go.

Want more info or to schedule your own Conversion Edit?

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