Emily Leach and The Freelance Conference

Have you heard of The Freelance Conference?

emily-leach-headshot-220x300If you haven’t, and you’re a freelancer in Texas, you are going to LOVE this post! I recently (in 2015) sat down with Emily Leach, founder of The Freelance Conference and Texas Freelance Association, to get an overview of the organization as a whole, and to learn more about the October 27 & 28 Conference and who will be speaking in keynotes and panels.

What need did you see that gave you the idea for the Texas Freelance Association?

Emily: “I saw the need for freelancers to have access to trusted education, peers to connect with and be mentored by, as well as an organizational structure to call their own. Before Texas Freelance Association, freelancers have been alone and disconnected from any type of support structure for how to run their unique business. Managing the roller coaster of “full pipeline/empty pipeline” that comes along with the nature of freelancing is easier with both the support and network that we provide.”

So tell me more about the Freelance Conference.  

Emily: “The purpose of the Freelance Conference is to connect freelancers with each other. We’re freelancers, too, and we know that freelancers typically spend a lot of time alone, working on projects or looking for their next gig. This event reminds freelancers that we’re actually not alone and there are other people with expertise they’re happy to share. The conference is fueled by the dream for a life of more freedom, better income, and more control over our careers, without the restrictions of a J-O-B and a (gasp!) cubicle.

We’re all experts in the thing we do, whether that’s photography, web design, writing, tending bar, marketing, and the list goes on. We know how to do the thing that lights us up; we often need help getting out of our own heads and thinking through some of the business side of things.”

Who is the Ideal Attendee You’d Like to See at the Conference? 

Emily: “Our ideal attendee is anyone who is self employed, regardless of what label they prefer: consultant, freelancer, entrepreneur, or some combination of those. The truth is, most of us fit all of those definitions in some way.”

What Can an Attendee Expect? 

Emily: “Attendees can expect a full day of insights and fun, shared by people who are passionate not only about their craft, but about supporting the freelance community. We’ve scheduled a combination of presentations and hands-on workshops with time to get to know fellow attendees between sessions. This is Austin, so of course there will also be music and food!”

What about Panelists, Speakers and Tracks?

Here’s a list of speakers for the Conference (click each name for their bio):

Laura Beck

Brennan Dunn

Matthew Pollard

Abrahim Nadimi

Monica Borrell

Elijah May

Paul O’Brien

Nando Caban-Mendez

Here’s a full list of the topics and Agenda: freelanceconference.com/program/

One last word from Emily:

“Last year’s conference sold out, and we’re excited to double attendance this year! Check out freelanceconference.com for more details and shoot us an email if you have any other questions: info@freelanceconference.com.”

They also have a great Facebook group you should check out. Just click this link and join up!

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