What’s the Greeting in your Sales Process, and Why Should you Care? 2020-01-30T05:04:49-06:00

What is The Greeting and Why Should You Care?

3 Things you need to know about The Greeting

1. The Greeting is the wide point of the Sales Funnel. What does that mean?Frontburner Marketing Sales Funnel, 5 steps of the sale, sales process

If you’re like many small business owners I talk to, you may not have heard of a Sales Funnel.

Here’s a short description. If you picture a funnel, you can see that its purpose is to take a substance, usually a liquid, from a wide point to a narrow point. Sales is similar. Your Sales Process takes (or should take) prospects from the “wide point” (where there are many people) to the “narrow point”, where there are few – from prospect to customer. Greeting is where you talk to the most people, so your copy is the most broad. Meaning, less granular, less defined, except for a couple of key instances.

2. It’s all about Identity: Who are YOU, and Who is your Customer?

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  • “Tired of feeling like your money’s not working for you?”
  • “Ready to have the Caribbean vacation you’ve always dreamed of?”
  • “Want to make sure your car’s in top running condition?”

Each of these question speaks directly and intentionally to a specific slice of the larger demographic in that niche – Investment, Travel, Automotive Repair. It calls out for someone to identify themselves as the prospect in need of that service, but also identifies itself as the “Solver” of that problem, with apologies to Vanilla Ice.

While each question speaks to that prospect, it does so using a valuable tool that you must master: Value Propositions. Each question is predicated on the idea that, if I can identify your problem, I MIGHT just be able to solve it.

Identity is powerful, and really, indispensable, in the Greeting phase of the sales process. If your identity is not clear, and the identity of your prospect is not tied to your Value Propositions, they won’t be motivated to take the Next Step in your Sales Process.

3. Gotta Have Clear Next Steps in your Sales ProcessSteps of the sale, Clear next steps

The second place you talk very specifically in the Greeting phase is Next Steps. You have to be very specific in describing what the next step of engagement is for a website visitor. You have to do this in person, too, but it’s much easier to tell if the prospect is missing it or in need of it (or if you completely missed the step).

Want to Schedule a Consultation? Click Here!

What is a Next Step?

  • “Click Here”
  • “Read more”
  • “Contact Us”
  • “Fill Out This Survey”

–these are all examples of Next Steps in Conversion and the Sales Process. They give your prospect a next logical action to take.

Do you paint houses? Build a page about your method, and then talk a bit broadly on the home page about your process, mention your method and have a link to click to go to that page on your website about Painting.

Do your prospects typically contact you after reading only a little about your product or service? Have a Contact Us button readily available, as well as linked in your body text. In short, modify the execution of this idea to the needs and engagement habits of your audience.

Your Homepage is the primary tool in the Greeting process, and without it operating properly, your sales process will suffer, if it works at all.