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Kyle Bailey Speaking at Networking Group in Austin Tx

Me Speaking at a Local Networking Group

I don’t usually use this website for direct self promotion, but this is kind of a fun month where I get to speak a couple of times outside my event (which I’ll mention a bit more a little later), so I thought I would put together a page about it.

Kyle Bailey Sales Consulting Speaker, Austin Sales Training

First, I’ll be speaking at Austin Online Marketing Club, which is a great local group run by Scott True. Obviously, they concentrate on online marketing efforts and tactics, and I’ll be giving a presentation on “The 5 Steps of the Sale (& why your website doesn’t work). Here’s a link to the meeting where you can sign up:

Austin Online Marketing Club

“Kyle Bailey: The 5 Steps of the Sale (& why your website doesn’t work!)”

Scott True is a local SEO professional with years of experience helping clients with their online presence, and he does a great job running this group. I’m really looking forward to going in and talking with his group.

PREVIEW: If you’re not using this simple 5 step sales process system in your online marketing, you’re definitely leaving money on the table and losing potential customers.

Kyle’s next Austin gig: Brainstorming Networkers

My group, Brainstorming Networkers (which I  took over from working with the great Joey McGirr)meets theKyle Bailey & Joey McGirr next week on the 18th. We’re going to be covering “How to Combine Blogging, Twitter and The Sales Process for Fun & Profit!”. Blogging is a powerful tool that gets overlooked with all the sexy new social media tools out there, but when used right is still a very strong tool for you and your brand.

PREVIEW: Use your blog as a gateway between the ethereal world of Twitter and the solid ground of your web content, which should do a good job of introducing your products and/or services to your website visitors, which are, of course, your prospects.

Kyle Bailey’s third upcoming gig in Austin: Step By Step Blogging Workshop? Yes please!

I’m really excited about this one. It’s my first paid workshop this year, and I’m stoked about how much value we’ll be

Kyle Bailey Speaking at Networking Event in North Austin

Kyle Bailey Speaking at Networking Event in North Austin

able to pack into it. As I said above, blogging is a powerful tool to use to grow your business and brand. However, the more I see the blogs people are using, the more I’m convinced that more business owners don’t understand some core principles that would help them increase the effectiveness of each piece of content they put in play.

That’s one of the core ideas we all need to understand, that each piece of content that you put in play is going to offer what’s called “evergreen” benefit. What is “evergreen”? It simply means that you can use the content over and over again. It’s not something to write once and never use again, but rather an idea that you can come back to more than once to bring prospects into your website.

So how does the workshop work, and why should you pay money for it?

Great question! One of the main things we’ll be doing in this workshop that I just can’t take the time to do in a short, free talk is to really dig into real time examples of showing you how to do this yourself. It’s a great place to either come yourself or bring in your content person to learn how to power up your blogs and online content to really make it work for you.

Combined with the sales process, along with some super secret social media tips we’ll be throwing in for free, you’ll walk out of this workshop with a whole new set of tools that will help you build solid content over and over again. That content, when built right, sets up your sales process to build your business.

So what is this all about? Why does Kyle Bailey love to speak to small business owners in Austin?

Kyle Bailey Speaker in Austin, Austin Tx Speaker Kyle Bailey, SEO, SalesI love it for several reasons. First, because I’ve found a niche where I can really help people, and that’s in combining The Sales Process and Online Marketing efforts to create opportunity. For whatever reason, this material has not been covered as much, and I get the wonderful opportunity to see the light go on for folks who have tried lots of different online marketing campaigns to no avail.

How can I help you? There are different ways, from you hiring me to come in and do a simple audit of your Sales Process or listening along with some of your sales calls all the way up to hiring my company on a monthly retainer basis for a complete Content Marketing Campaign Deployment. We do it all, and we can do it for you.

There are different components to your sales process, and different components to your online marketing campaign. You can confidently say “Kyle Bailey speaks in Austin on all of these topics, as often as he can”! Some people might say I speak too much, but I certainly do love it.

You can check my Linked In Profile, Twitter and Facebook for more information, if you like.

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