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pict1Remember the last time you thought about your marketing? That was cool, huh? Did you think about mobile marketing? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. Most small business owners have not put any thought into it, either. You should, because it is the next wave.
If you have a storefront, you can easily double your business from foot traffic. Impulse buys, coupled with the fact that people don’t stumble into your store shocked to find that you are there to sell your wares means that you can leverage that “buying energy” into more purchases. You have to be prepared, though. You are not going to luck into this.
You need three things:


  1. A plan
  2. Knowledge of the thinking and buying patterns of your target market
  3. Proper tech knowledge


The best plan, of course, is to route everything through your website ultimately, but if you go the scenic route by directing potential clients to your social media presence first, that’s ok by us. Your SM presence should already be attuned to regularly push people through your web traffic chain anyway, so that should not be a detriment. How do you convert this traffic?