5 Online Marketing Tips and Tools – Straight from the Pros!

(you can) Get By With a Little Help from MY Friends (and their marketing tips)

If you’re a small business owner, you know the isolation and overwhelm you sometimes feel when you face the daunting task of MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS (doesn’t your website just seem to shout that at you sometimes?).

That’s why I put this compilation of Online Marketing Tips together. I was talking with Ed Reese, a friend of mine who does usability testing for some really big companies, and I suddenly had a flash of insight: I actually know some REALLY knowledgeable people in the online marketing field, and their insight would most likely help just about any small business owner.

Thus, this.

5 Marketing Tips from 5 Pros (with a bonus).

This will cover some different areas:

  • Usability Testing (where are the pain points on your website?)
  • Adwords
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (how many times do your visitors do what you want them to do?)
  • Video Marketing Tips (if you’re not using Video Marketing, you should be!)
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Online Marketing Tools Round Up

Okay, let’s get started.

Ed Reese, Usability Testing SpecialistUsability Testing (also known as A/B Testing)

Ed Reese is a Usability Testing specialist in the Spokane Washington area, and does some really great work for large companies.

“I’m not a large company, though; I’m a small business”, you say. How can high level Usability Testing help a small website?

Great question. Ed’s got the answer.

His blog has a great round up post with 5 affordable Usability Testing options that should help any small business. It’s great advice. You should take it. See, it doesn’t matter how much SEO you do. If your site’s usability is bad, all that effort is wasted.

Steve Huskey, Austin Adwords Specialist

Steve Huskey, in his alter ego.

Google Adwords

Adwords is perhaps the most misunderstood, and thus the most underutilized, online marketing tool in existence.

There might not be an easier way to waste $5,000 (when you do it wrong).

Of course, what makes it so underutilized is that it CAN be the most powerful tool in your arsenal for getting traffic and sales.

You need an Adwords Hero, and Steve Huskey is that hero.

I’m linking here to a short Q&A he did on Google Adwords. If you have more questions (and you should), contact him on his website.

Brian Massey, Conversion Optimization, Frontburner Marketing

That’s a real lab coat.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the science (more on this in a sec) of measuring and optimizing elements on your website to maximize the possibility that your readers will do what you want them to do on that page.

Brian Massey has made a career out of knocking the ball out of the park in CRO. He’s called “The Conversion Scientist” for a reason, and has the lab coat to prove it.

Check out this blog post on “How To Write An Author Bio: 7 Byline Examples Turning Readers Into Leads”

Video Marketing

If you’re not on the Video Marketing Train, you should buy a ticket. FAST. (See how I kept the metaphor consistent?)

The fine folks over at The Marcom Group have written a great piece on exactly this topic (linked above).

Pat Flynn Headshot, Email Marketing for Austin Small Businesses

Pat Flynn’s 5 Email Tools for Small Business Owners

Pat Flynn is an Online Marketing heavyweight, and not only tests everything he does, but he also shares everything he learns. This list of 5 Email Marketing Tools is no different. If he says it’s good, you can take that to the bank.

Oh yeah, this is a podcast, too! You can use the links here on that page to check it out, and I highly recommend it.

I often say that Pat Flynn gives away more knowledge than anyone on the internet, and this list is a great example of that!

Kyle Bailey Online Marketing Tools, Kyle Bailey SEO

My Favorite Online Marketing Tools

I’m gratuitously including myself in this list, but only to talk about my favorite online marketing tools. This post is where I link to all my favorites. As you can imagine, it’s always growing as I find new and fascinating tools that I can share with you. Enjoy!

Online Marketing Tools List

(I also put together a list of Free Online Marketing Resources Here)

Hopefully this list of Marketing Experts’ advice has helped you. If you have anay questions, you can reach out to me or go straight to their websites.

Happy Marketing!

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