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How Our Sales Consulting Process Works


1. Discovery

First, we start with a 20-30 minute Discovery Call. This allows us to learn about your business, your core problem, and whether or not our sales consulting process is a fit for you (that’s right, we don’t take every prospective client in Austin; only those whom we’re confident we can help).


2. Assessment

Next comes the Assessment Phase. This is the facet where we dig in and discover the gaps we can close for you between the numbers you are seeing now and the numbers you actually want to see. In  Sales Consulting, this is usually where the paid engagement begins.

3. Sales Consulting Engagement

We only engage if we’ve determined that we can make a difference for your business; we don’t take business just because someone is ready to write a check. Once that’s certain, we offer a plan of action. At this point, you decide if this is the route you want to go. After signing up, we get started.

We’ll give you a plan before beginning, but engagement starts before we begin meeting with your team or delivering analysis points.Consultant-helping-team-around-a-table-one-side-300x199

The point of Sales Consulting is to look for “delta points” in three places:

√ Sales Team

√ Sales Process

√ Sales Copy

There can be other points of opportunity that are causing problems for you or weakening your sales position, but these three are paramount.

Sales Consulting Engagement is usually One of Two Forms:

First, a Sales roadmap that you execute.

In this scenario of our sales process, we’ll do our analysis, form a plan of action, and you and your team execute it. This is similar to the “Mentor Package” in our SEO service.

Second, Sales Roadmap with Support.

This format gives you the benefit of call support, where we’ll do a conference call with you and your Sales Team every month (twice monthly is also available) to check in on action steps and go over benchmarks and metrics.

dThis is great for businesses with newer sales teams or organizations, first time scaling of sales processes, or just business owners who execute their own sales and want some help. You’ll find that our wealth of experience in offline and online sales in almost every scenario will greatly benefit you and your business.

We look at our service as more of a partnership than as a run-of-the-mill vendor/client relationship. We only choose to work with companies that align with our core values and that we both believe in and believe we can truly help. We look forward to the opportunity to move the needle for you!

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Happy Marketing!

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