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If you’re tired of your website not selling (and not knowing why!), we’ve put an offer together for you. We will apply our tested and proven methods to analyze your website and/or online assets (depending on what you submit), and do two things for you:


  • Show you what assets are under-performing
  • Give you a roadmap to success

We all need help from time to time, and getting more sales is the best help there is for a small business. So how does it work?


Stage 1: Analysis

In this stage, we want to dig in and understand what you sell, and how your online assets work in that process.

We start everything with a 30 minute Discovery Call. This gives us the ability to hear directly from you where the pain points are, and where we should start.


  • Analyze current activities or assets that negatively or neutrally affect sales
  • Identify systems and process that either are failing or are not being used
  • Identify missing steps in The Sales Process

The first stage is essentially a diagnosis; here are the ailing organs. Then, we take the next step.

Stage 2: Plan for Success

In Stage 2, we want to take the information gleaned in Stage 1 and develop a plan that brings you more success and more sales.


  • Indicate 5 Specific Steps to take immediately 
  • Indicate 5 Mid-and Long-Term Strategies for increases sales
  • Give Detailed Plan of Action

Launch Call

We close it all out with a 30 minute “Launch Call”, 2 or 3 days after you’ve received your deliverables. We do it that way so that you have time to digest and even use some of the tools and instruction we’ve given you, then we can talk it through to see if you’ve had any issues or need pointers.

We’re dedicated to your success, and are here to answer any questions you may have. We offer a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*, because we’re fully confident that we’ll help you get More Leads, More Sales and have a Better Story.

I’m Ready! Get me MORE SALES!


I like it, but give me more info!

*We’re MORE than happy to refund your money if you feel that our consulting service has not given you actionable steps you can take to increase sales. However, if any of these steps are ever enacted, it’s only fair that you pay. We think that’s fair, don’t you?