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Digital Marketing Companies in Austin (like Frontburner Marketing!)

SEO Companies in AustinDigital Marketing Companies abound in Austin, TX, and all of them promise to bring you the moon on a silver platter.  How do you know which one to trust?

For starters, Google has put a pretty clear filter in place these days by updating as much as they do.  Their updates have caused other factors like social media and bad links to matter more than ever, so if you’re talking to one of the SEO companies in Austin, and they are not talking about a holistic approach to your marketing strategy in 2020, Sales Consulting, strategic SEO or the importance of social media, you might be talking to the wrong Digital Marketing company.

(If you’re looking for more SEO info, you can check out our SEO FAQ page!)

Beyond that, what makes a good SEO or Digital Marketing agency?

First and foremost, understanding content marketing and how you integrate that with your Strategic SEO master plan.

Content is king, like the wise man said, and that has only become more true (if that’s actually possible!).  You have no choice if you’re going to run a website and expect it to get ranked.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization: The process of optimizing web pages or site content to rank higher in search engines.

Austin small businesses must update content regularly, and it had better be relevant stuff, too. Remember not to post duplicate content, either.  That’s a slap.

It’s a good idea to routinely grab chunks of your content and Google it, just to see what Google thinks of it.  If you post it in quotation marks, it should not bring up any content or web site pages other than yours.  If it does, it’s duplicate content.

This will hamper your SEO efforts, slowing down ranking and bloating your site.

Austin Digital Marketing Companies, at least the good ones, will tell you if they are not a fit for your business. Not all SEO and Digital Marketing companies are created equal, and you need to find one that has a history getting your kind of business ranked.

Here are some good questions to ask:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many businesses like mine (size, demographic, competition level) have you gotten ranked?
  • How are your reviews?

That’s by no means an exhaustive list, but it will get you started.  Good luck in your search for the right Digital Marketing Agency.

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