SEO, Value Propositions and Branding: The Formula for Small Business Success

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Bees Work Together, so Should Your SEO & Value Propositions

How do SEO, your Value Propositions, and your Branding work together?

Often, when I talk to small business owners, these three topics are treated as separate activities, separate outcomes and separate functions. That’s why their content marketing fails in many cases.

How do you do it right?

Your core value proposition should lead directly to the core value propositions of your core products or services (you should have no more than 3-5). If you’ve done the keyword research necessary to dictate the correct keywords in those products and services, then your SEO works hand in hand with your value propositions.

SEO done correctly on your value propositions means that the right keywords show up in your title tags and in your descriptive tags within your posts and pages. These are content wins, as well as SEO wins.

Branding is a little more difficult.

Jeff Bezos Branding SEO Value Propositions

Jeff Bezos on Branding

Branding is where the emotion and logic of your product or service offering meets with the customer’s. Solve a problem that matters, and develop a simple core value proposition from that.

When that is done, develop a logo that tells that story.

Voila! You now have a direct tie in from the top of the funnel when the customer first comes in contact with your brand story to the moment they buy from you based on the value proposition your product or service presented.

This ties your content marketing together from beginning to end, and your customer is never left feeling disconnected from the reason they first decided to investigate your company as a solution to their needs.

Your customers are more engaged at the first purchase, and repeat customers remain better engaged. This means less work for you and your sales team, because the story continues to make sense.

Happy Marketing!

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