Small Business Marketing 101: Is THIS The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask?

Customer Acquisition and YOUR Small Business

Marketing Questions, Austin Small Business Marketing, Donnie Kyle BaileyWhen you think of Customer Acquisition, perhaps the most powerful question is this:

“If you could clone one customer and have 1,000 just like them, who would they be?”

This forces you to strip away any customer except the most ideal. It focuses your marketing, sales and internal processes around one thing: finding that ideal customer and where they hang out in the marketplace.

The WORST Idea in Small Business Marketing

But it has a second effect: it moves you away from the paralyzing idea that “anyone is my customer”

I do many presentations around the Sales Process, SEO, Social Media Marketing and more, but they all center around one idea:

How To Get More Customers. 

If you’re not focused on that, you don’t grow, and if you don’t grow, you die.

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