137 Things I Did Last Month [Small Biz Service Breakdown]

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If you’re like me, you do some networking in and around Austin, and talk to a lot of people. A common question I get is “What do you do?”.

My services are not easily summed up in a 3 or 4 word title, so there are many times I struggle to succinctly explain that.

I get this question all the time, so I thought I would go over what I did over the last 30 days.

Sales Consulting

I have performed sales process consulting for 7 clients

What does that mean?

Sales Process Consulting happens when I first conclude that a client is a fit for my services through a short Discovery Call, then work out a schedule and whether we’ll do the consulting through online, phone or in person. In person is much more scarce, for obvious time reasons.

The pain I’m helping the client address is misunderstanding what’s broken in their Sales Process. This occurs regardless of the tactic or tool being used (Twitter, Email Marketing, Facebook, SEO, Blogging, etc…). Most of us can see that we have problems with sales, but sometimes you just need a hand. That’s where I come in.

Sales Consulting

I performed 5 sales and marketing consulting calls. These are individual or group calls where I talk through elements of the sales process and apply lessons and ideas to fit the individual sales and/or marketing needs that are uncovered.

This is a great “centering” tool for a small business owner, because the hustle and bustle of everyday business ownership and management can push aside the necessities of a well-organized and deployed Sales Process.

This is applicable whether you’re selling online or off.

Your Sales Process will remain largely the same; only the tools used will change.

Here’s a more detailed snapshot of the last 30 days of my services:

Online Marketing Workshops

I have done 2 workshop speaking presentations around the sales process and online marketing. I love to do public speaking! I’m always looking for opportunities, so if you have a need (Keynote, Lunch and Learn, Panel Moderator), let me know.

Sales Process Audits

I have performed sales process audits for 11 webpages. This is a specific and very important service that does two things for the small business owner:

First, it shows you where the page belongs in the Sales Process and what needs to come next.

Second, it audits the page for the necessary elements for engagement and clear value proposition. You get a thorough list of corrections needed and suggestions for engagement. If you produce content and don’t know where it belongs in the Sales Process or why it’s not engaging, this is for you.

Content Marketing

I have produced, edited, optimized and posted more than 20 blog posts.

I have done assessments for about 50 web pages. This includes SEO analysis, Content, Flow Analysis and Social Strategy.

I have done work on about 15 WordPress sites that I manage or help manage. WordPress is a powerful tool for local business owners because it has 12 years of track record of dependable websites that Google loves. It’s open source, which means that tens of thousands of people have worked to make it better. I help small businesses by either converting their site to WordPress or optimizing their current WordPress site for content, user flow, social integration or SEO.

SEO Optimization

I performed SEO optimization for approximately 25 webpages. This is on page editing of the content or the way the pages display in SERP (Search Engine Return Pages), and includes SEO, Content Optimization and Sales Process Content Optimization.

(check out my SEO FAQ page to learn more about SEO)

Social Media Marketing

Added over 1000 followers manually to various Twitter accounts I manage. 

These are natural followers who opted in, not purchased or in any way added in an inauthentic manner.

Branding and Messaging

I’ve consulted on core branding messaging for 4 different clients.

I love to help small business owners, so if you know someone who needs help, and any of the above sounds like a fit, put them in contact with me and we’ll schedule a Free Discovery Call to see if I’m a fit for their needs.



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