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Sales Training might be the most important investment you ever make in your company, and especially if you have a sales team. Why hire me? Simple: it’s personal. You’re not going to get a junior level trainer to come in and walk your sales team through some generic, redundant sales training programs.

Instead, I’ll be sitting down with your team members individually and as a group (depending on the package you choose) to learn about them and what makes them tick, so I can better connect them with the ideas they need to drive your value proposition home with your prospects.

Once you get a prospect into your sales funnel, that’s golden real estate that should not be wasted.

Hire a pro; get results. My training goes far beyond the transfer of information, addressing core competencies in both functional and interpersonal skills. My sales training drives significant improvement in sales force performance by addressing the selling skills, communications practices and professional attitude of every individual who participates. Only when an organization successfully changes the behavior of its people can it expect to improve its overall performance. The dramatic impact of my sales training programs on individual and company-wide quota achievement is dramatic and visible.


Every sales training program enables sales professionals to reach their full potential – developing their capabilities throughout their sales careers with the ultimate goal of creating collaborative-focused business partners. They also serve leading organizations by training sales professionals to sell through written proposals and to implement results-producing leadership techniques.

Developed through 35 years of industry experience and continually refined by customer feedback, our sales training programs seek to achieve the most common and compelling customer goals. Consider your organization’s current position and goals:

  • Does your organization define the level of professionalism to which your competitors will need to aspire?
  • Is your company and each sales professional an integral part of your customers supply chain?
  • Are you able to effectively minimize price as a component of the value equation?
  • Does your sales team understand the negotiation tactics necessary to effectively “defend your price” with customers?
  • Does your sales team enjoy expanded, resilient relationships with your customers?
  • Is your sales team able to effectively uncover new opportunities to create preferred position with customers?
  • How well is your organization able to articulate your value proposition?
  • Does your sales team consistently think strategically? Competitively?
  • Does your sales force possess the practical financial knowledge and business acumen to optimize their role in your organization’s profitability?
  • Do your sales professionals have fully developed plans to revitalize marginal accounts or renew lost accounts?
  • How would a shortened sales cycle or improved closing rate impact your organization?
  • Are your sales team and sales management equipped and prepared to increase your market share?

The most significant contribution you can make to the long-term success of your sales organization is through the development of your people by investing in sales training. They are your most precious resource and your greatest competitive advantage. Whether you seek to improve overall sales force effectiveness, increase revenue, maximize sales managers’ impact, or address more specific development needs, sales training programs  have proven track records of producing and delivering the finest sales training and leadership development programs for the global marketplace.

For more than 35 years, my sales training expertise has been developing, and you get to reap the rewards of that.

Review our capabilities and specific program offerings to learn how a sales training program can give your organization a competitive advantage by introducing new sales skills and communication techniques for improved sales performance and overall sales force effectiveness.