Bad User Experience Log (don’t make these mistakes!) – Ongoing Case Study

Calling your Mobile App (or insert your product or service here) “Free” when it’s Only a Free Trial


Just Boo. 

What’s worse is that I’m 5 clicks into their website and I STILL DON’T KNOW THE PRICING!

Now, here’s an important lesson: because of this experience, I’m VERY PROBABLY going to tell this story proactively, meaning that I’m going to bring it up on purpose in a networking setting, meeting, etc…

Rather than it just being a momentary “ugh” moment, now you’ve REALLY wasted my time, “nondelivered” on a promise, and made this a very bad user experience.

Starting an email with “Dear Recipient”.

I got this one today, January 3, 2018.

It’s from a national organization that you would all recognize, so this should reassure you that you can make mistakes, too, if the big boys do, right?

Email Marketing is critical, but it’s even more critical that you do it right.

What’s the best alternative to this greeting? Nothing.

That’s right. Putting NOTHING in the place of that greeting is much better. If you don’t have their name, just start the body copy.

But never, NEVER use “Dear Recipient”. That’s Bad User Experience.

Asking a question that you do not answer:

“What is Conversation Analytics® Automation?” this website asks (I’m not including the website name, because that’s not the point).

Then it proceeds.

“We take Conversation Analytics® automation or call analytics very seriously at (insert company name). We coined the term Conversation Analytics® automation after all. We’ve spent more than 40,000 hours on research and engineering to develop our one of a kind technology and platform into what it is today.  And we’re continuously improving it.

What you get is a beautiful package that delivers results and simple to use. We’re thrilled with the outcome and so are thousands of customers. Our automated call analysis literally interprets phone conversations and delivers conclusions that are actionable and usable for your business.  These deliverables are simply not available from our competitors.”

You can see here that the original question is never answered. Don’t do this! It’s death to your sales process.

Austin Weather News Site makes it harder to share forecast

Sharing interesting content is the foundation of social media, and SHOULD be the foundation of your Social Media Marketing.

As I write this, there is a cold front moving into Austin that is probably going to bring ice into the area, if not a sho nuff ice storm.

Since I run a dozen or so Texas and Austin social media accounts, it’s natural to share that content, right?


But I can’t. At least, I can’t do it from their page. There’s NO SHARE ICONS ON THE FORECAST PAGE.

News sites can get away with this, because they have tons of traffic coming in from all over, but for a normal brick-and-mortar business, this is suicide.

I can, of course, share from my Buffer account or my Hootsuite account, but the normal prospect isn’t going to have one of these, and will just go back to the Google search and go to the next option for a site that has shareable content.

Big Mistake, giant blunder. Don’t do it.



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