What a Confusing Value Proposition Looks Like

Confusing Value Proposition Example (screenshot tutorial)

Confusing value propositions are killing business large and small all across America. Your business could be a victim. I found a great example in the screenshot I found here, and so I marked it up with some observations and questions that I hope will help.

What is a Value Proposition?

Value Proposition, most simply defined, is the idea that I, as a service or product provider, propose that the product or service I offer is worth more to you than the money you have in your pocket.

As important as the Value Proposition is in your Sales Process, it’s just as ignored. Most small business owners simply don’t understand the definition, and thus the execution, of a good Value Proposition. If this sounds like you, you should definitely get some insight into your sales process by a good sales consultant, even if it’s not with me.

How do you Discover Your Value Proposition?

Let’s talk a little bit about your Value Proposition. How do you discover it, and how do you define and execute it?

Simple. Ask the right questions.

What problems do you solve for your ideal client? The easiest way to discover this is to read your testimonials. Its fine to believe that you already know, but you should constantly be testing that “knowledge”.

Look at your business from the perspective of your ideal prospect; it’s indispensable.

Next, once you know the problem you solve, make that your value proposition, then test it.

How? I’ll tell you.

First, test this with people you trust to give you honest feedback. You can get good feedback from Get feedback directly from your prospects . Then create content basted on that value proposition.

Does your Content measure up? Is your Value Proposition Clear? If you have questions about it, I hope this short post helps. Happy Marketing!

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