What you will get and what you wont

SEO and Sales Process Improvement…without the guff

At Frontburner Marketing, we’re not silly enough to try to convince you that we’re unique.  With thousands of online marketing companies out there, large and small, it’s difficult to try to claim true uniqueness.  That’s why you won’t hear a lot of inflated, over-blown promises from us.  What you will get is an honest take on your business and it’s online reflection, even if that means you don’t really need us.

What?  Yes, we’ll tell you that you don’t need us if that’s the case.  We believe strongly that best practice is to only pursue an engagement if it is a good fit for both the customer and us.  Is it a good fit for the customer but not for us (not our core strength, not within our scope, etc…)?  Not gonna do it.  Is it a good fit for us but not for the client?  Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.

Not a fit? Not a problem…

It’s a far better situation for us to refer you to an agency that is a perfect fit for you than it is to try to shoehorn you, or us, into a situation that is difficult and uncomfortable just because we’d love to see it work.  That is perhaps the hardest decision for us to make, but we do our best to make sure we make the right one.

So, if you want to make more sales from your online marketing efforts, or if you need to increase your incoming leads or the quality of those leads, then let’s talk.  We use SEO, Paid Search, Content Marketing, Bloggging and Social Media to generate both leads and sales for your business, and that gives you the one things all Austin businesses need: growth.

Let us know if we can help you in any way, even if it’s a single question.  If we don’t provide the service your looking for, we know who to direct you to.  We love Austin, and we love Austin businesses (even though we have clients around the nation!), and we’d love to have the opportunity to help you grow your business.

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I'm Kyle Bailey. I'm a sales consultant and SEO & Wordpress expert living in Austin, Tx and working with clients nationwide. I love helping clients, good Tex-Mex, and great music!