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Our WordPress Service for Agencies


Our WordPress Service is built for agencies, and here’s why:

We know that you’re busy and have a highly targeted prospect base, but despite your best efforts, sometimes leads come in that you either don’t serve or are not in your target demo. The service we offer is to get you paid on these leads, thus offering you an additional revenue stream.

How it works:

You send us leads that you’re not able or willing to process. Whether it’s because they are not the right market, not the right price point, or you just don’t want to deal with them, send them to us, and we’ll make you some money from that lead (payment on closed leads only, unless we work something else out).

We target 20% for a commission amount, but that can go up or down depending on what you need from us. Bottom line: while we want the customer to be happy, that’s really done in the process of making you, the referring agency or entity, happy.

We don’t do custom, so we’re a great fit for Agencies that are custom only, or have a price point that starts in the 4k-5k range (or up). Many small businesses can’t or don’t want to spend that kind of money. When you tell them that you’re at this level, and maybe this other company (Frontburner) is a fit for them, then they are primed for our service.

We come in, offer them a fully functional, mobile optimized WordPress theme buildout with SEO and social best practices baked in, and all for between 1500-1900.00 (most of the time; there are exceptions that usually involve extra content being created or page count). We’ve found that this is an excellent price point that offers killer value for a small business.


Your pricing is crucial here. If you want to make a certain amount, be sure to let us know before we price it. If you’re only interested in getting the client the lowest price possible, let us know that as well.

White Label

White label service is available, too. The customer never has to know we exist, and we won’t cross those lines. That goes for SEO, social, content and any of our other services as well. If you hire us for one service, we’re not going behind your back to try to snake other work.

We’re all about win-win; we seek relationships, not one-time purchases.

Mobile Friendly “Site Copying Service”

Our Mobile Friendly service works great for people who have a client that might have budget for PPC or SEO, but not for a full site rebuild. For as low as 700.00, we’ll copy their current site over into a mobile friendly WordPress site (some exceptions; page count affects final price). The customer’s site will look almost exactly the same, with the exception of having best practice elements like a full functioning footer (great for SEO).

Again, Pricing is crucial. At 700.00, there’s not any margin left to pay commission, so if you want to be paid on it, you have to price that in, or let us know, and we will.

We’ll always take good care of you, pay commissions on time, and make sure everyone is happy.

I can provide examples after you email us, including both sites and agency testimonials.

For more info, or to request a Discovery Call, contact us here: