Blogging Help for Small Businesses: Quick Start Method!

Blogging Help for Small Businesses

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Blogging Help for Small Businesses is here!

Blogging is hard. Sometimes, it’s even harder.
Writer’s Block is no joke, and when you’re preoccupied with all the other minutia in SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc… that a small business owner has to keep up with, it’s understandable to feel like you’ll never get that blog post written.
Even when it’s your responsibility to know how to write content (like it is for me), I still struggle. I know what it feels like to know the clock is ticking on finishing that blog post, but I’m staring at a blank screen at 2am….again.
We all know that blogging is important for SEO, but when you’re stuck, that doesn’t help much. What to do?

Quick Start Method to Help you in Your Blogging

Over time, and through may episodes of my own Writer’s Block, I developed a “get you moving system” that’s simple and effective, and takes advantage of all the info you have in your head about your business, its products and services, and gets that knowledge out of your head and onto your website.

Here’s the Quick Start Method I developed for Small Business Bloggers, step by step.

1. List your top 5 services or products. Hint: these should describe problems you solve for the customer if at all possible.
2. Pick the one that you know the best, or you’re most ready to write about.
If you’re a roofing company, you might have residential roofing as your service you’re going to highlight.
3. Write down five facts about that product or service.
4. Now, write 3 sub facts about each one of the Core Facts.
Your first core fact might be that Pitch Matters: the angle of modern roofs changes the game in terms of types of shingles you can and can’t use. That would be your first Core Fact.
A Sub Fact might be the differences between  standard shingles and dimension shingles, giving the history of the development of each, and why a customer would choose one over the other. Mix in use cases with these ideas, and you’re off to the races!
Now write an intro and outro, and you should have about 1,200 to 1,500 words of text. Bingo! You have a blog post.
Power up your new blog post by adding images, along with industry links that add to your strongest points, then add a review somewhere in the text, talking about how great you are. Now your blog post is even stronger.

Add Video to your Blog Post

Bonus points if you have a YouTube video that you can embed somewhere on the blog. Now just repeat this five times, and you have five blog posts that you can share regularly as Evergreen content.

Here’s a tip: Voice-to-Text.

I actually wrote this draft using a voice-to-text transcription function inside of Gmail. It’s a great tool, and is pure gold when I want to get an idea out of my head.

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