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If you’re like most Austin small business owners we talk to, you dread it.

It’s a mystery composed of fog and swampy lack of detail, and you’re pretty certain that there are alligators somewhere in there, but you know you have to venture in, or you’re doomed.

The Sales Process holds all the keys to your success, but you never seem to be able to master it.

There’s hope!

It’s true that the Sales Process, and especially the Online Sales Process, is fraught with possibilities for mis-steps, and one slip means a lost sale.  Factor in the face-lessness of the online experience, and you have even more danger of losing a website visitor (your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics addresses this), and you already know that those visitors eventually turn into customers.  You can hire firms that offer Sales Consulting in Austin all day long, but if your internal process isn’t up to par, it won’t do you any good.

The good news is that there is a map, so that you can know the exact location of the solid footing that leads to more sales, more return customers, and more profit.

the-sale-image-sbtelegram.com_-300x199There is a 5 Step Sales Process that we adhere to religiously, and we have not seen it fail.

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