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Our WordPress Service

Wordpress Sites, Affordable WordPress Sites in Austin

Our Affordable WordPress Website Service is built to offer clean, highly customizable websites that serve our clients needs.

But they don’t break the bank.

We’re dedicated to offering the best WordPress site you can get for the money.

How it works:

We start with a Free Discovery Call to Discuss your Website Needs.

The first step is gaining a better understanding of what your needs are. 

We may not be the right fit for you, and if we’re not, we’ll know the right people to refer you to. Once we determine that we are indeed a good fit for you, and you’re a good fit for us, we move forward with an Engagement Agreement that outlines exactly what your needs are and what we’ll be doing to solve those problems for you.

SEO and Social Media Marketing Best Practices Baked In

To give you the best site possible, SEO and social best practices are baked in, meaning that you don’t have to turn around and pay some other agency to set up SEO and Social on your site after you just paid us.

That’s why we started building WordPress sites in the first place.

I got tired of having to charge clients for services they should have received in the building phase of their website.

Affordable WordPress Website: What’s it cost?

Pricing varies, according to your needs, but we are generally between $1700 and $2900. Most of our clients fall in the $1700-$2000 range.

We’re all about win-win; we seek relationships, not one-time purchases.

We always take care of our clients, before and after the sale, so you don’t have to worry that after you’ve paid us and we’ve finished the site, you’re left high and dry with no help.

You Get The Keys to Your WordPress Site

This is important: Once we’ve finished with your site, you own it. Period. You wouldn’t expect a home builder to hold on to a set of keys for himself after finishing your house, would you?

I can’t tell you the member of clients or potential clients that have come to me with the common horror story: they paid a developer to build a site, and now they don’t have access to it because either they got into a snit with the developer or they just quit answering the phone.

It happens all the time. 

That’s why we build sites the way we do. You’re not here for us, we’re here for you.

We build the site, then you own it.

Mobile Friendly WordPress Websites

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Mobile Friendly Websites are a must. Google even released a giant algorithm change to punish sites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

That’s why we WILL NOT build a WordPress site that isn’t Mobile-Friendly.

We just know that this won’t serve you in the long run. You will eventually come to a point where it will hurt you, and you’ll be mad at us, then there will be drama at Thanksgiving, and no one wants that.

Seriously, if you’re website is not aligned correctly on mobile, you lose site visitors, prospect interest, and ultimately money, because your prospects are going to someone else.

If this sounds good to you, contact us. If not, we understand. There are lots of good developers out there, and we hope you find one.

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