Small Business Marketing 101: Is THIS The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask?

Customer Acquisition and YOUR Small Business When you think of Customer Acquisition, perhaps the most powerful question is this: “If you could clone one customer and have 1,000 just like them, who would they be?” This forces you to strip away any customer except the most ideal. It focuses your marketing, sales and internal [...]

Bad User Experience Log (don’t make these mistakes!) – Ongoing Case Study

Calling your Mobile App (or insert your product or service here) "Free" when it's Only a Free Trial Boo. Just Boo.  What's worse is that I'm 5 clicks into their website and I STILL DON'T KNOW THE PRICING! Now, here's an important lesson: because of this experience, I'm VERY PROBABLY going to tell this story [...]

10 Podcasts and 10 Blogs to Improve your Online Marketing in 2018

The Best Online Marketing Podcasts and Blogs I've Found for 2018 If I put a little work into it, I think I can come up with 100,000 individual online marketing podcasts and blogs in existence. That means you have a lot of choices, and it's hard to tell which one to give your  time [...]

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How to use Repurposing to Make Your Content Marketing Life Easier

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Key to Longevity & Content Marketing Success   You see this image a lot. But when do you see it applied to Content Marketing? That's what I want to address today. Repurposing as a Content Marketing Tool When you create content, you have an asset that you can keep using throughout [...]

Great Branding Examples Log: Ongoing Case Study

Branding Lessons We Can All Use! This is essentially an ongoing case study of branding that I find effective. I am continually on the lookout for great branding, and it's too often rare. I hope you find great Branding lessons that you like and find valuable here. I'll offer a brief breakdown of the principles [...]

Startup Chronicles: Benn and Lani Rosales on Startups, Austin and More

A Startup Conversation with 2 Austin Originals: Lani and Benn Rosales Benn and Lani Rosales have been a part of the Austin Marketing and Startup community for more than 10 years. In that time, they have consistently delivered outstanding value that any person or company would be proud to claim. That's why I wanted [...]

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10 Online Marketing Tools for 2019

Online Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners Online marketing isn't easy, but there are some great free tools for content marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing and other online marketing activities. The list below are all online marketing tools that I have used, not just ones I've read about. I wanted to include [...]

5 Online Marketing Tips and Tools – Straight from the Pros!

(you can) Get By With a Little Help from MY Friends (and their marketing tips) If you're a small business owner, you know the isolation and overwhelm you sometimes feel when you face the daunting task of MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS (doesn't your website just seem to shout that at you sometimes?). That's why I [...]

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SEO and Sales Minute: Value Propositions and How To Use Them

What is a Value Proposition? There are many definitions out there, but I use a very simple definition of Value Proposition: I am proposing that the value of my product or service is greater than the dollars you have in your bank account to purchase it. That's it. Nothing fancy is needed here. What Value [...]

SEO, Value Propositions and Branding: The Formula for Small Business Success

Bees Work Together, so Should Your SEO & Value Propositions How do SEO, your Value Propositions, and your Branding work together? Often, when I talk to small business owners, these three topics are treated as separate activities, separate outcomes and separate functions. That's why their content marketing fails in many cases. How do [...]

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