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Could Your Austin Small Business Use a Sales Consultant to Boost Sales?

If you’re like a lot of small businesses in Austin and Dallas, you know you need to increase sales, but even though you’ve tried some tactics, nothing has gotten you where you want to be.

Could a new set of eyes help? 

Austin Sales Consulting is useful for everyone from small business owners running a startup to sales managers in a corporate environment just looking for a fresh take on their sales process.

Understanding all the aspects of your sales process can be difficult without some guidance, unless you’ve been trained in sales and have some experience in execution.

You need to know both the chief problem you solve for your customers, while also understanding the real time challenges your customers face in every day life.

Throw in the online world, and now you have several layers of complexity you have to somehow make sense of. It’s not just about being in Austin, you now have access to selling to prospects across the state, or even nationally.

Some of you will even sell internationally. Your online sales process has to be able to handle that, and hiring an Austin sales consultant may be what you need.

You can blow a lot of time just trying to keep up with everything related to your sales, but for many small business owners, this is when you think about hiring a sales consultant.

A good sales consulting service is going to understand how to connect your Branding Strategy with your sales process, then how to help you execute it.

An Austin Sales Consultant brings several key benefits that you can’t get anywhere else:

  • A Professional Eye- You look at between one and 5 core transactions, where a professional sales consultant has seen hundreds or even thousands. That experience will make you money.
  • Results-Oriented Thinking – A Professional Sales Consultant has years of training that cause him or her to think from a results standpoint. Think from the end and work backward.
  • Professional Detachment – It’s almost impossible to separate yourself from the things you love about your business, but to accurately judge what needs to be changed or fixed, you need that detachment.
  • Disciplined Approach; Having a deep and educated understanding of the Sales Process means that you’ll get more out of an hour with a professional than you will spending a week on it yourself.
  • Freedom; Austin businesses know that this means that you have a pro on the job, and you can use your mental energy to take care of the other twenty tasks you have on your plate.

Hiring a Sales Consultant can seem daunting, because if they’re worth anything at all, it won’t be cheap. Don’t think of it, though, in terms of the money you’re spending. Look at what it’s going to do for your business. If it even increases your sales by 10%, it’s worth every penny.

Frontburner Marketing offers Sales Consulting based on more than 15 years of experience in sales, and using proven methods to analyze and improve your sales.

If you’d like help with your Sales Process, just fill out the form below and to the right, and one of our friendly staff will be back in touch with you promptly.

How Our Sales Consulting Process Works

Sales Consulting in Austin, Kyle Bailey Sales Consultant

1. Discovery Call

First, we start with a 20-30 minute Discovery Call. This allows us to learn about your business, your core problem, and whether or not we’re a fit for you (that’s right, we don’t take every prospective sales consulting client; only those whom we’re confident we can help).

2. Assessment

Next comes the Assessment Phase. This is the facet where we dig in and discover the gaps we can close for you between the numbers you are seeing now and the numbers you actually want to see. In Sales Consulting, this is usually where the paid engagement begins.

3. Engagement

We only engage if we’ve determined that we can make a difference for your business; we don’t take a sales consulting client just because someone is ready to write a check. Once that’s certain, we offer a plan of action. At this point, you decide if this is the route you want to go. After signing up, we get started.

We’ll give you a plan before beginning, but engagement starts before we begin meeting with your team or delivering analysis points.

Austin Sales Consultants, Sales Consulting in Austin

The point of Sales Consulting is to look for “delta points” in three places:

  • Sales Team
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Copy

There can be other points of opportunity that are causing problems for you or weakening your sales position, but these three are paramount.

Engagement can take two different forms:

First, a roadmap that you execute. In this scenario, we’ll do our analysis, form a plan of action, and you and your team execute it.

Second, Roadmap with Support.

This format gives you the benefit of call support, where we’ll do a conference call with you every month (twice monthly is also available) to check in on action steps and go over benchmarks and metrics.

This is great for businesses with newer sales teams or organizations, first time scaling of sales processes, or just business owners who execute their own sales and want some help.

You’ll find that our wealth of experience in offline and online sales in almost every scenario will greatly benefit you and your business.

We look at our service as more of a partnership than as a run-of-the-mill vendor/client relationship. We only choose to work with companies that align with our core values and that we both believe in and believe we can truly help.

We look forward to the opportunity to move the needle for you!