Google Shows Date You Visited a Page in SERP

As you may or may not know, Google now shows the date you visited a webpage in the SERP (Search Engine Return Page) listing, just below the individual listing. You can see it highlighted in the image below. As with most things with Google, it flirts with the line between convenient and creepy. What are your thoughts on it? How does it feel to have the date you visited certain pages listed in the SERP?

Why does this matter for your Content Marketing? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Not sure of any effect for SEO, either.

The “How” of it is simple: Google is tracking your use and letting you know that they are, but also trying to add value to your search experience by telling you when you visited. That’s my opinion, of course. I have not seen any official announcement from Matt Cutts or anyone else at Google about it, but I’ll keep looking.


As of October 2017, Google was no longer showing this information in SERP. I am on the lookout for why and exactly when, but have not found concrete info yet.

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