Mobile SEO: How To Embed Your Youtube Video for Mobile

Embedding YouTube Video on Mobile Optimized Site for Mobile SEO

Mobile vs. Desktop

There are many options you have for embedding a YouTube video on a desktop–

  • Above the fold?
  • Below?
  • Left on the page?
  • Right?
  • Landscape orientation, or upright?

However, your options get reduced significantly when thinking of user experience on a mobile device, since the video usually takes up the full width of the screen.

This can dramatically affect your Mobile SEO results, as time on page is a high ranking factor. If your embedded video is not attractive and easily viewable, the resulting bounce rate can kill you.

There are a few options that you might not know about, and if you don’t know how to properly implement them, it could really hurt your Mobile Optimization [Check out my post “5 Reasons “Mobile Friendly” Might NOT Be”].

Mobile Marketing is Content Marketing

I created this YouTube Video to show you exactly how to do your Embed so that you get the maximum impact from your Mobile Strategy efforts.

You can see it below, and call or email me if you need help with your site being mobile friendly, embedding Youtube Videos, or your overall Mobile SEO Strategy.

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