HOW WE DETERMINE IF WE’RE A FIT 2019-10-18T06:31:39-06:00


We don’t take every deal that comes in just because someone is ready to write a check. We only do business with small business owners who have the need that we specialize in solving, and we’ll only take your money if we’re fully convinced that we can “move the needle” for you.

What is moving the needle?

Moving the needle means making an impact. It’s closing a gap, increasing sales, increasing prospects, more traffic, better analysis of that traffic, improving sales processes. These are all areas where we regularly make impact with our clients, but that’s only because we are choosy with who we partner with.

Speaking of partners, that’s an important concept to us. We like to do business in a collaborative way, and we won’t take the deal if it doesn’t feel like we’ll be able to work that way with a prospective client.