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SEO Site Analysis:  SEO Analysis Austin

You get:

  • 10 pages of analysis
  • Step-by-Step list of instructions and changes and
  • Helpful tips and thoughts on future content optimization

In this age of seemingly constant Google changes, uncertainty is everywhere. How do you optimize now? How do you create content that doesn’t get punished? Most important, how do you know if you’re creating and optimizing content so that it won’t get punished in the future?

We perform a thorough analysis of 10 pages of your content for SEO Strengths and Weaknesses. Then, we’ll deliver a list of changes that need to be made. THIS IS NOT SOME STOCK LIST OF STALE RECOMMENDATIONS, but is custom created for you and your site, based on the content we analyze.

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We have an exclusive system we use to determine a keywords value using 5 key data points, and YOU get the benefit! These are the keywords most used by YOUR prospects who are searching for YOUR products or services, but buying from your competition because they can’t find you.

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