Great Branding Examples Log: Ongoing Case Study

Branding Lessons We Can All Use! This is essentially an ongoing case study of branding that I find effective. I am continually on the lookout for great branding, and it's too often rare. I hope you find great Branding lessons that you like and find valuable here. I'll offer a brief breakdown of the principles [...]

SEO, Value Propositions and Branding: The Formula for Small Business Success

Bees Work Together, so Should Your SEO & Value Propositions How do SEO, your Value Propositions, and your Branding work together? Often, when I talk to small business owners, these three topics are treated as separate activities, separate outcomes and separate functions. That's why their content marketing fails in many cases. How do [...]

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The Big Mac and the Art of Branding and Positioning

What's so great about the Big Mac? Branding and  Positioning, that's about all Let's be real: There's nothing to the Big Mac. It's an over-hyped bit of nonsense, really. "Big"? It's tall, because it has an extra piece of bread in it, and also because they split the "meat" into two pieces. In fact, it [...]

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Branding Fail: How Microsoft Surface Bungled its NFL Branding Effort

A Key Question for all Small Business Owners (not to mention LARGE business owners): How are you Executing Your Branding Strategy? A funny thing happened on the way to national exposure of a household name brand. In a recent NFL preseason game, the broadcast team was talking to their sideline reporter about some of the [...]

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Messaging 101: When Clever Defeats Clarity

Your Brand Messaging Has To Be Clear; It Doesn't Have to be Clever Too many businesses and marketers sacrifice clarity in their messaging so they can be clever. Don't do it. When you do, you sacrifice the ability to get your wonderful product or service into the hands of the very person who needs it. [...]

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