Repurpose Content Marketing: Make Your Content Marketing Life Easier

Repurpose Your Content: The Key to Longevity & Content Marketing Success

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You see this image a lot.

But when do you see it applied to Content Marketing?

That’s what I want to address today.

Repurpose Content Marketing: The Secret Tool

What is “Repurposing”?


When you create content, you have an asset that you can keep using throughout your online lifetime….

If you do it right.

That’s right; you have to follow the rules to get all the value out of your online assets that you create. If you don’t, you’re just wasting your time.

Update for 2020: If you haven’t heard already, Google released a pretty important update in the fall of 2019 called the BERT update. It’s what many consider to be the culmination of Google emphasis on the semantic web since about 2015. If you’re not tuned into this algorithm change, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Here are a few Tips to follow:

  • Focus on creating Evergreen Content
  • Don’t use date and time stamps. If you need a date in the content, put it in the body, don’t autogenerate it
  • Focus on the deep questions that get asked a lot for your industry

I will post more later on repurposing, but for now, here are a few quick tips, and then I’m including a slide deck from a Content Marketing Workshop I gave recently (I do these often, and you can visit my Hire Me To Speak page to learn more).


Here’s the slide deck for the Content Marketing Presentation I mentioned earlier:

Content Marketing BLOW OUT, by Kyle Bailey of Frontburner Marketing

(this is a downloadable slide deck, so just click on the link to see the deck)

This presentation goes a little more in depth into how to repurpose content. If you have any questions, just fill out the form in the footer of my site and I’ll answer as soon as possible!

Happy Marketing!

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